A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is a game I wrote in my spare time to test SDL library and have some fun.

The game has 10 levels and the goal in each level is to reach the ladder by slipping on the ice floor and getting stuck on rocks. The gameplay was inspired by some cave dungeons in pokemon games.

If you want to tell me how great the game is or how you hated it, send me a tweet :D

Install instructions

At the moment the "click and run" executable is only available for windows.

For linux I thought it was better to create a makefile and use the shared libraries provided by the distribution (I used Ubuntu 14.04, but it shouldn't be so much different for other distros) to compile the game. All the details are in the readme inside the source package.


IceTower_v0.1_Win.zip 2 MB
IceTower_v0.1_Src.zip 53 kB